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"That was amazing. The piece was very present, playing more loudly than I would usually do for meditative purposes. I was actively listening at different points, trying to identify the mechanisms you were using. At other places I let the music settle into the background and focused my thoughts on something else. I noticed it lulling my consciousness, only to very effectively yank me back to awareness, and the repetition thereof, using different methods each time to do so. Ultimately, the overall effect was a decided lightening of my mood, to the point that I was smiling mentally. It was calming, and both focused me and allowed me to clear my mind. The composition is brilliant. It engages the conscious and the subconscious so effectively that I recognize that I was unconscious for an unknown amount of time, but I'm confident that it was considerably shorter than it seemed because the lack of sound is what "woke" me up. Not like the abrupt jolt when the power goes out, when you can't quite figure out what caught your attention. More so, it was a simple recognition that what was there before wasn't there anymore. "Oh. It must be over." I enjoyed the various manners in which you delivered the undertones and overtones, sometimes completely juxtaposed from the previous section. The instrumentation was quite different from what I've experienced when listening to other cymatic compositions, but it wasn't unpleasant. Instead, it reinforced the sense of well being and buoyancy. You've done a hell of a job, and I'm even more interested in your process now. I think I get why you wouldn't want to share, but the nerd in me is totally geeking out. All of that to say that, from my perspective, this piece does exactly what it's meant to do. The pleasure response from assessing it intellectually notwithstanding, I sincerely appreciate you sharing this with me. It is going to be a valuable tool in helping me achieve and maintain mental and emotional balance." - Study Participant LM

"I suffer from PTSD and insomnia and have only found that benzos or cannabis help me sleep the full night. I don’t really have a hard time falling asleep; it is more staying asleep for more than two hours that I struggle with. The first night I listened to this music I slept for five hours and I felt refreshed. I have been using it every night for about a week and I am getting a better quality of sleep than I have in a very long time. I also used some cannabis last night before listening and it took my mind to another dimension, but not in a bad way, more like a mind massage that let me reflect. Thank you for making this music." - Study Participant JTR

"I suffer from PTSD, Seasonal Depression, and Insomnia. There's been a lot going on in the world that has triggered many old wounds causing me to lose a lot of sleep and inner peace. I began listening to the track that afternoon, immediately upon receiving it. I found my thoughts slowed down, I was able to focus on creative projects and a shift within that called me. The same evening I listened again as I lie down. I didn't only fall asleep with ease; I actually stayed asleep for 5 continuous hours. I woke up feeling rested and refreshed. Another trigger, my birthday - I haven't truly enjoyed this day for several years, yet this year I was eager to celebrate with my family. We went out, which I've become quite the recluse. Toward the end of dinner, I began feeling anxious again because the restaurant had filled. Knowing this could turn into a full-blown panic attack, I excused myself to go outdoors and I immediately played the music once again. Closing my eyes and focusing on the tones, my breathing regulated and I was able to regain my inner peace. When I received a message from someone in my past, it did not affect me in either a negative or positive way, I was able to simply delete it without responding. I'm grateful to have been part of this study, I will continue to use it and look forward to more. Thank you, Jac! It has been a major breakthrough for me. Blessings!" - Study Participant ND

"As a baseline, it was very calming and uplifting to my emotional state. I have been noticeably more focused and productive since making use of it. My sleep cycle has been more regular, and my depression symptoms have been less severe than usual. While I can't rule out the influence of other factors and wholly attribute the recent improvements to the therapy track, I do feel it was a strong contribution and will continue to utilize it personally on an ongoing basis. I'm very grateful for the opportunity and I encourage you to reach out to me for any future studies as well." Study Participant IK

“I suffer from PTSD (gulf war 89-90) most it manifests as depression, and I have anxiety attacks occasionally, also suffer from a condition of the spine in my lower back. I usually sleep with the TV on but wake up 3 to 4 times per night. Last night I turned off the TV and slept with the track running and only woke up once, then right back to sleep. I think it helps and I will continue to use it. Thanks” – Study Participant TAL

"After years (over 20) of less than 4 hours of sleep a night I'm willing to do anything. I lie awake for hours before any sleep happens. I've been on countless prescription and over the counter sleep aids, CPAP machines, eastern methods and many other ways to fall asleep, I can honestly say I was asleep within minutes of the audio piece you wrote. I'm not sure what happened, but my wife was slightly pissed. I tried this while we were in the E.R. and she was having tests done. Apparently, I was completely out when she came back. The audio was still playing so it was less than 30 minutes." – Study Participant CA

“I suffer from sleep apnea. I have been taking medication for about a year now. I was extremely skeptical about music having any impact, but I really want off these meds so I tried it. First night no meds I fell asleep probably 20 min into listening to the track, I woke up once but went right back without any problems. The second night was much faster and I woke up in the morning so refreshed. I usually have a very groggy feeling that lingers throughout the day and that is completely gone. I don’t know how this works but I’m fascinated and willing to try any other studies you may be conducting. Thank you for taking the time and sharing!” – Study Participant ZA 

“Having suffered with a spinal injury, for the last ten years, I have had to deal with chronic pain and muscle tension. I have experimented with countless forms of non-chemical therapy. This sound therapy is a game changer for me. Using it at the end of the day to relax and relieve tension has allowed me to sleep a LOT better. I can feel certain frequencies affecting my heart rate as well as tension in certain muscle groups. It has been a great find. The best part is, it does not require drugs or prescriptions.” – Study Participant DM

"I've listened to your composition several times now and I find it to be uplifting and relaxing. I suffer from PTSD, severe seasonal depression, and social anxiety. There are sections where I can physically feel the impact of the music. The part where the music shifts from side-to-side seems particularly potent. It's difficult to describe, but I can feel a significant response to music during that section. I'm looking forward to putting it to the test over the winter, as depression usually gets more severe towards the end of January and into February. Thanks for letting me participate in this study." – Study Participant SR

"I was diagnosed with ADD while in High School. I prepared myself with some Colorado-style tobacco, turned down the lights and sprawled out on the couch. I thoroughly enjoyed this therapeutic session. It was relaxing, and at times stimulating. It also seemed familiar, not sure why. I enjoyed the dramatic pauses and the way the notes came back in. I'm feeling very relaxed and calm at the moment and looking forward to listening to this track over the next few days." – Study Participant BK

"I have listened to this audio 3 times. I suffer from anxiety and sleep apnea. Many times I waken at night and find myself unable to fall back to sleep. This weekend this occurred at 2:20 Sunday morning. I listened to this recording and was able to relax and fall asleep within 20 min. The recording cleared my mind and the anxious thoughts subsided. This is a big help and I recommend people with similar anxiety give it a try." – Study Participant GK

"The first time I listened before sleep, I slept really fine. It was like one of those sleeps when I woke up really rested. Also, the second and third times were both good and better than without it, I think the sleep is different. The music may be setting my mind into a more relaxed state or something... anyway it is positive feedback, I am grateful, and you have all my support into continuing with research and good work." - Study Participant AR

“I figured listening to this during all the hustle and bustle of Christmas would really put it to the test. I listened on Christmas Eve, when my anxiety was fairly high. I was stressed about the upcoming family dinners, and getting everything done for my kids. After listening, I was relaxed, calm, and focused. The stress I felt previously was gone, and I was able to sleep soundly for the first time in over a week. This is going to be my go to instead of medication now!” - Study Participant SC

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