Your Self-inflicted Stress Is Making You More Stressed

So… it seems like the majority of the population in the technologically advanced part of our planet is stressed the eff out. We all have our day-to-day routines that for the most part are programmed into our subconscious. We wake up, check our communication device, hopefully bathe, and then go about whatever it is that we do; but when we deviated from that routine due to an unexpected event (regardless of how small or ridiculous it may be), well that is when the turds hit the fan for us at the biological level. Now, I do not want to come off as calling the majority of people out there “a little bitch” when it comes to dealing with stress, so I’ll I'll just explain why the majority of people get stressed out over the most ridiculous things that they have no control over, and for the most part, has nothing to do with them. Hell, we have all seen the videos and meme’s of the younger Gen Xers and Gen Z losing their doo-doo over the proverbial spilt milk, and while I would like to just chalk it up to their generations being soft and not in touch with standard human values, I can’t because it is due to a mineral deficiency causing psychological disorders.     

To start, let me explain what I refer to as the “collective drama” that we all experience every day. Our need to be involved in other people’s business is not only childish but completely unhealthy. At any given moment you can log onto the social media platform of your choosing and live vicariously through someone that you may not really know, (but maybe idealize) and/or get to experience that person’s thoughts, life experiences and unfiltered opinion in real time. This may sound amazing and can make you feel in the now, but all it is doing is opening the door for you to pass judgment on that person and yourself if your thoughts differ from theirs if that post/comment is received well by others. I can go on for days about how I strongly believe that social media is one of the leading contributors to the downward spiral of our ethical behavior as a society, but I’ll save that for another blog post and focus on the “how do we fix this” part of this post… so to my point. 

We all know about basic biology; when happy poop happens to us we feel happy, and when sad dookie happens to us we feel sad (or I hope we understand that) and since we are all on an emotional roller-coaster all day, every day, our body's chemistry is completely out of whack causing us to stress out to the point that we have become numb to it and just except it as “business-as-usual”, even though ‘stress’ and our busy lifestyles may be common for most, it’s anything but normal. Our bodies cannot handle the amount of stress we endure, even if we are the cause of it. Our body does not care about the “why”… it just starts to shut down. So in-other-words, that post that got you “all heated” that you saw of the twitfacegram from that person you met once for eleventeen minutes and really do not know, but you felt so strongly about it that you spent all day trying to prove that their opinion was wrong (like that’s a real thing) … yea, that is the type of liquid brown stink that is slowly killing you by making your body go into “fight-or-flight mode”, alerting your perception of reality and social interaction skills.  


Stress Causes Major Mineral Loss  

When stress dominates, our body loses essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and zinc while causing an increase in adrenal output producing corticoids. Corticoids are a class of steroid hormones characterized by its influence on your saline (salt to water) balance, which also has a relationship with calcium. When your bodies minerals and/or saline balances is “out-of-whack”, it will affect your intestinal absorption, depleting your body of the minerals and vitamins we consume via food, resulting in re-absorption by the kidneys of these elements causing high blood pressure, kidney disease and cognitive/mental health compilations such as ADD, ADHD, Insomnia, Depression, Autism, Alzheimer’s, PTSD and other stress-related and/or mental health conditions. Stress also changes your metabolism and causes the body to retain minerals that are needed to stimulate, while at the same time losing the nutrients/minerals needed to help calm the body.  Over time if the stress continues, your body will slowly lose the ability to adequately absorb/store minerals causing permanent damage to your organs, including the brain.   

So, now that I got all the happy stuff out of the way, let’s talk about how to fix the problem. I really do not like to lecture and to be honest, the weed is just not the great today – so, I’ll make this part fast.

If you are experiencing any of the health conditions mentioned in this post, go to the effing doctors and get blood work done. I hope you know that we (humans) invented more than just the internet… we have “the practice of modern medicine” also. So, go get checked out and if you have a deficiency, start supplementing your diet. I take 1,000 MG of magnesium, 99MG of potassium, 250MG of curium, 50 MG of full spectrum CBD and THC (before bed) every day to keep me balanced.  

Grounding is also a real thing. Now I do not believe all the claims that are out there, but it 100% helps with inflammation. Our body is a big, salty liquid sack that has a positive charge. It is well documents and proven (with science and stuff)  that we receive a positive change from the ionosphere (the layer of the earth's atmosphere that contains a high concentration of ions and free electrons), and that means that our body acts as a solar-powered battery. I know it sounds crazy to look at it this way, but if our heart stops, we do shock it to make it start again. But with that said… you need to ground yourself. If you have ever seen an overcharged batter you know that it expands, and our body does the same. So take your shoes off and walk on natural earth,  this will ground you and your body will “deflate” bringing you relief. You can Google “Grounding/Earthing Clinical Study” and see the results.

Just going to list the rest, if you need a further explanation other than the bullet point (hope my use of the word bullet did not "trigger" you), you have lost to Darwin and there is no hope for you at all. Maybe take up full-time napping or underwater basket-weaving. 
  • Change your diet to reflect your deficiency. 
  • Limit your social media time per day and unplug one hour before bed – shut the phone off. If you use it as an alarm, buy an alarm clock. 
  • Have human contact…go get a massage or for the best results, have sex. 
  • Play or learn to play a musical instrument. 
  • Listen to music - (time for a shameless plug) like my music that is composed to help people with cognitive health issues.   
My Music (this is the track that was used in a cognitive health sleep study) 

I hope you found this post helpful, but if it "triggered" you and you want to complain... as the saying goes - please write it down, fold it up, and shove it up your -- well you get it the idea. 

Be Well,

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