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Crown to Heart, Complements of Music and Mascara... get the code at

Crown to Heart

Meditation music composed using the understanding of cymatic frequency overtones in relation to the human body and mathematics from the points where the Fibonacci sequence and Pi meet. This album will guide you through opening you Crown, 3rd Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, & Root Chakras with low-end frequencies normally related to the release of natural accruing compounds in your body including DMT while opening your CBD 1 and CBD 2 receptors.

To receive the full benefit of this recording, please listen to it in its entirety without interruption using closed-back headphones while either lying down or seated in a comfortable position.

**Read why you need headphones and should NOT use ear buds.** 

WARNING: Do NOT listen to while driving or operating machinery. Do NOT listen when your attention is required elsewhere. Always make sure you are in a safe and comfortable place.

Please enjoy this track as complements of Music and Mascara. Make sure you select the option for MP3 320.


Download Instructions Once on Bandcamp 

Be Well,

Jac Harrison 

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