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Jac Harrison's Story

Jac Harrison's Story

As a child (like most young boys) I was rambunctious, curious, and always getting into something that I shouldn’t have been, making my mother and father furious, and while throughout history when a child was misbehaving they were physically punished and/or scolded for their actions, (and I did get my share of ass whoopings) but now there was a new trend going on in affluent communities of drugging your child so they would behave the way you wanted them to.  All you needed to do as a parent was tell your pediatrician that your child displayed “confusing and/or not normal childlike behavior”, and you were given a “cure-all” drug. I took that line off of a medical sale brochure from 1985 that my mother was more than likely given about a drug used in depressed geriatric patients in the late 1950’s, but was being re-purposed and now used to “help” children that suffered from a condition known as ADD/ADHD. This drug is called Methylphenidate, better known as Ritalin. So, at the ripe old age of 7-years-old, I was given a prescription of 90mg per day of legal speed to help slow me down. This is the decision that my parents made that unknowingly and unintentionally would change my life and ruined my ability to function as a productive member of society for the next 20 years without being medicated. Ritalin is commonly referred to as “legal cocaine” today.

After being on Ritalin for three years the drug had not only stopped working at the highest dose my doctor was legally allowed to prescribe to a child, but I was exhibiting most of the harsher side effects including weight fluctuation, false memories, depth perception problems, agitation due to withdrawal causing emotional instability from the lack of dopamine being produced in my brain, and I had started forming cysts on my joints including the largest I had known as a ganglion cyst on my right shoulder that I had to have removed with surgery. It wasn’t until I was in my 30’s when I read all of my medical transcripts that I discovered that I almost lost my arm. It is now known and accepted that the long-term use of Ritalin causes a mineral and calcium deficiency making bones brittle and splintering at the joint when under constant and/or extreme conditions. For example, an active pre-teen that is a right-handed pitcher for his baseball team (who is taking 90 mg per day) would be the “perfect storm” for this to happen. There was a great News Week cover story from 1996 called “Ritalin, Are We Overmedicating Our Kids” that goes into detail in regards, but by that time I had already moved on to a cocktail of medication that was prescribed to me to counteract the long-term effects of a three year abusive relationship I had with Ritalin. 

From the late 1980’s until 1998 I had been on five different Benzodiazepine compounds including Klonopin, Clonidine a Catapres, a slew of antidepressants, and the drugs that completely separated me from reality -- Thorazine and Lithium. For as long as I can remember, I always thought that I was getting worse and I needed these drugs to function, but I was just dependent on them. I was an addict of legal drugs and I could get as much as I wanted, whenever I wanted them, no questions asked. My mind matured under the influence of a cocktail that most recreational drug addicts would be jealous of, and when it was explained that way to me by my high school English teacher (who showed me the News Week story), I started looking at alternative treatments and self-medicating with cannabis and psychedelics under his supervision.

It took just over three months with my teacher helping me transition from the harsh chemicals that my family doctor was encouraging me to use, (that kept me in an almost catatonic state) to really being able to have a future by using cannabis, psychedelics, meditation, and sound to counteract the withdrawal symptoms of the Rx medications, and to help rewire my brain. If it was not for this English teacher truly helping me, I think I would still be lost. It was funny to see my mother's reaction when I built a five foot Zen Garden in my bedroom and started wearing tie dye clothing. 

It has been over 20 years since I rediscovered myself, and I have been helping others that were/are in a similar situation since. To this day I am still labeled as having ADD/ADHD and now PTSD from the mind-bending reality I lived in for almost a decade. The only thing that saved my life was the education I received from my teacher and writing, composing, and performing original music. Mind Toy Box is the result of my obsession with curing cognitive health issue without the use of modern medication, by incorporating mathematics and frequencies in music instead; so no one has to suffer as I did and as many do today.

Mind Toy Box is music composed using my understanding of cymatic frequency overtones in relation to the human body and mathematics from the points where the Fibonacci sequence and Pi meet. Mind Toy Box therapeutic music sessions should provide relief to many cognitive health issues including ADD, ADHD, Insomnia, Depression, Autism, Alzheimer’s, PTSD and other stress-related and/or mental health conditions using the ancient philosophy of “sound healing” mixed with modern science.

The above is my story that I wanted to share so other people would not have to feel alone when dealing with life situations. If you would like to share your story, please contact me -HERE-

Be Well, 

Jac Harrison

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